The Streamster includes many of the software features of the A-LIST BROADCAST system, but is dedicated to IP operations with no baseband video input.

This cost-effective hardware/software combination is the “little engine that CAN” for managing and streaming your own Internet TV station, featuring NDI and streaming.

Internet TV Stations  
Video Streaming for Radio Stations  
Complement for BROADCAST channels

The Streamster PRO includes additional capabilities that support a revenue-generation model similar to traditional over-the-air broadcasting. Monetize your content by selling available time to anyone interested in having program and/or advertising presence on your channel.


Tiny, but powerful - this is the smallest “Master Control” computer you’ll ever use. It includes an i7 processor, 16GB of memory, lightning-fast 256GB NVMe boot and storage - and an additional 1TB SSD for storage. Keyboard, mouse and 24” monitor are also included.

Dell Precision 3260 A-LIST


PLAYLIST AUTOMATION uses a simple, graphics-oriented drag-and-drop interface that makes list creation and management intuitive and fun.

The unique system design offers unmatched flexibility and simplicity by playing any combination of files and folders … with automatic looping of specified folder content when tight scheduling is not required.


Our PLAYLIST TOOLS let you create and manage all aspects of your playlist - from Events to Breaks, to multiple types and layers of Overlays. Display ALL layers over playback or live video without the need for additional hardware.


The AUTO-LOOP function assures that you’ll ALWAYS have content being displayed, even if you only need to schedule a few specific Events by time-of-day.

True to our K.I.S.S philosophy of Keeping It Super Simple, all you have to do is copy files and/or folders into the AUTO-LOOP folder on your D: drive, click the AUTO-LOOP folder icon to activate it, click the START AUTO button, and your channel is “on the air” - 24/7.

Since Windows automatically sorts alphanumerically, you can add numbers if you wish at the beginning of your files and folders to determine the playback order. In any case you can choose whether you want to play ALL the items before the loop starts repeating - or have them play in Random Order.


Scheduling SLIDESHOW FOLDERS is an easy way to automatically display a collection of pictures with a specific audio track or song playing under them. These folders are restricted to audio files and pictures, and NO video clips.

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