PTZ Cameras & Controllers

PTZ cameras have evolved significantly from the ‘early days’ where they were just considered ‘security’ cameras. They combine the quality of the tiny little camera in your ‘phone’ with the added functionality and flexibility of remote PTZ control and 30x optical zoom lenses.

We’ve partnered with the best manufacturers in the business to provide our own uniquely configured models, with custom firmware that provides up to 300% more fluidity of motion on all three axes. This makes the difference between ‘robotic’ looking moves and smooth motion presets with speed ramps, coordinated time of arrival, and name-and-save functionality.

Meetings • Presentations • Classrooms •  Worship • Entertainment


  • SONY high-end 1/2.8, 4K CMOS sensor
  • 25X optical zoom lens; 81° wide angle
  • Outputs NDI|HX, SDI, HDMI, USB3.0 and LAN
  • Advanced Auto Focus Technology
  • 2 levels of Digital Noise Reduction
  • Control with VISCA protocol via IP/RS422/485/232


These tiny, ultra-high quality HD cameras feature 30x PTZ optical zoom lenses, and output SDI, HDMI and NDI|HX with PoE connectivity. When bundled with RUSHWORKS powerfully unique camera control software (VDESK and RUSHCONTROL) they deliver the best production bang for the buck in the industry.


This compact camera controller features a high-quality joystick that allows variable speed control daisy-chain connection using VISCA IP or RS422/232 serial protocol. The industrial-grade blue screen LCD has high resolution and informative status displays.

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