VDESK Version 7


VDESK Integrated PTZ & PTX Production Systems include switcher, effects, transitions and Chroma key, with local encoding and streaming functions. They include 24” touch screens, support 4, 8 or 12 SDI or HDMI inputs, plus NDI and URL inputs and outputs. They control most PTZ cameras as well as the RUSHWORKS PTX Model 3 PRO pan/tilt head via VISCA over IP.

 REMOTE CONTROL your production  from your TABLET!

Use your iPad, Android or Windows tablet to control your VDESK over a wireless(N) network. Run the entire show from anywhere in the room.


  • ISO Capture of inputs
  • PTZ camera control with joystick and presets
  • CLASSIC interface with 8 user presets
  • PRODUCER interface with unlimited presets
  • TalkingPoints interface for presentation capture
  • HD or 4K production and streaming
  • SDI / HDMI / NDI inputs and outputs
  • Video transitions: dissolve, 21 wipe patterns
  • Video effects: PiP, double-box, Chroma-key
  • Multi-layer graphics, CG overlay
  • MP4, MPEG file recording and playback
  • Sequential File Playback
  • Adobe Elements for graphics and editing
  • Simultaneous capture and Internet streaming
  • On-screen display of all input sources + PGM and PVW
  • Presets linked to specified lower-third graphics
  • “HotShot” auto-take preset to Program
CLASSIC Interface
PRODUCER Interface
TalkingPoints Interface

Active Microphone Video Switching

TALK-TAKE is our automated video switching intelligence based on active microphone detection – along with a set of user-definable “rules” for emulating the dynamics of an operator. You can control dozens of mikes by linking multiple mixer chassis. This functionality further enhances the already versatile VDESK software which includes three unique user interfaces: CLASSIC, PRODUCER and TalkingPoints.


RUSHWORKS is a Dell OEM partner, taking advantage of their excellent THREE YEAR ProSupport plan (up to FIVE years available) that provides overnight parts replacement and next day, on-site service if required.

i7-12700  16GB
256 NVMe  • 1TB SSD
1 SLOT (Low Profile)
i7-12700  16GB
256 NVMe  • 1TB SSD
2 SLOTS (Low Profile)
PRO 4 / 8 / 12
i9-10900 16GB
2 x 2TB / 4TB / 8TB/ 12TB (or RAID 5)

We support Input/Output cards from Blackmagic and Magewell. You can specify four, eight or 12 inputs. You can also configure inputs to accept NDI streams or URLs via a network connection.

The default output card provides simultaneous SDI and HDMI signals, plus NDI, YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and URL outputs. There is an option for dual output SDI with “clean” program feed.

Each system includes a 24” touch screen monitor, custom keyboard, mouse and 6-button Hall-effect joystick. (Joystick not included with international shipments)

Also available is the optional VDX 12 Input Control Surface. It includes a T-bar for manual transition control, as well as shortcut keys for many transitions and effects, including PiP and double-box. You can also select cameras and individual presets for each.

Included is our MUX: a device which connects to the workstation via USB and has four (4) RJ45 connectors that supply 12VDC power and RS-422/232 serial communications for up to four PTZ cameras. For eight or 12 inputs sytems you’ll need two and three MUX boxes, respectively.

You’ll need one DEMUX adapter for each serial-controlled PTZ camera. For IP-controlled cameras the MUX/DEMUX is not required,

Our PTX Model 3 PRO PanTilt head is controlled by VISCA over IP by connecting to a network switch. You can use any combination of PTZ and PTX heads, as well as manned cameras, as inputs to the VDESK. It also accepts multiple NDI inputs to provide maximum flexibility and versatility in configuring your production environment.

The TALLY-LIGHTS system provides an extra dimension of awareness with PTZ cameras that have very small tally indicators, or no indicators at all. We utilize the Program tally that corresponds to our current switcher selections. It’s especially useful with our PTX Model 3 PanTilt head that is a great platform for Sony, Canon, Panasonic, Red, Arri, Blackmagic, and most other cameras and camcorder/lens combinations.

If you’re a VDESK user and need tally light contact closures, our MULTI-GPIO box provides that functionality based on a simple software configuration setup in the application.

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